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Uniquely refreshing scents produced by Coral Aroma have initiated scent lovers into an endless ocean of distinct natural fragrances. Within a short span of time, Coral Aroma with its unmistakably distinctive scents has enlivened the environment of innumerable places including homes, offices and corporate establishments. In addition to introducing remote controlled fragrance system, Coral Aroma carries the distinction of using essential oil. Our IFRA certified Standalone Diffusers and HVAC Machines which produce powerful fragrance from essential oil are credited with scenting places as diverse as Lobby, Elevators, Spas, suites and luxurious hotels.

As a distinguished recipient of IFRA Certification, Coral Aroma places consider emphasis on molding each fragrance machine into unique model. Our unique fragrance which has been created specifically for Spa and Fitness center is developed from 100% unadulterated natural essential oils. Eco-friendly HVAC Machines produced by Coral Aroma are widely considered to be synonymous with futuristic styles and modernity. Studies have demonstrated time and again how fragrances are inextricably linked to arousal of distinct emotions. Floral scents have been rightly credited with evoking pleasant mood. The practice of sensing pleasant fragrances is widely associated with state of well-being. Our team of perfumers is equipped with sophisticated machineries and nuanced knowledge of diverse fragrances to inject refreshing vibes into the world of scent enthusiasts.

HVAC machines have the capacity to diffuse fragrance that sublimely uplifts the vibes of the environment and subsequently bring about a state of bliss. The sturdily built equipments are stylish and are devoid of leakage problems. We have succeeded in transforming customers ideas into floral fragrances that carry universal appeal. Our sophisticated scenting solutions contain fragrances created from sublimely natural flavors that are capable of filling the air with ineffable joy and pleasantness.

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