Scent Trio diffuser machine


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Scent Trio Diffuser Machine


Scent Trio Diffuser machine uses modern technology to provide you with a relaxing and refreshing environment. The incorporation of three advanced atomizer heads sets this diffuser apart, offering an impressive coverage area of 1500 cubic meters. This means that even large rooms can be filled with your favorite fragrances, creating a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Each atomizer head holds 120ml of your chosen fragrance, ensuring long-lasting and continuous diffusion. The atomizers boast a range of 500 cubic meters individually, guaranteeing maximum coverage throughout the designated area.

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Material Plastic
Color White
Voltage DC 12V
Power 12W
Refill bottle 120*3 ml
Oil consumption 1.5ml/hour
Max Coverage 1500 CBM
Product weight 2.25 kg
Dimension L*W*H 246*230*121 mm
Control Bluetooth, Normal
Installation Free Standing


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