Why You Should Try Out New Fragrances?


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Have you been using the same scent in your room for so long that you can’t even feel that it exists? Well, if not, it can happen if you use the same scent for a long time, whether as a perfume or a room freshener. This condition is generally called nose blindness.

Nose blindness, also known as olfactory fatigue or fragrance fatigue, refers to the love of the sense of smell of certain odors after being over-exposed to them. The human olfactory system identifies scents and communicates them to your brain, providing you with a variety of emotions. But it cannot withstand the same scent for a long period. As a result, the olfactory system shuts down to prevent further stimulations from the same scent.

How It Affects Scent Marketing?

As scent marketing is used by a lot of businesses, fragrance fatigue is an issue to be addressed. If customers spend a lot of time inside your business environment that is scented with a lovely fragrance, the initial freshness will diminish due to over-exposure. As a result, the shopping experience will gradually decrease, which will affect the business.

This is when you should replace the existing scent with another one of a different nature. Now, the new scent reaches the customer which delivers a fresh shopping experience to them. This way, you can make your customers in shopping mode for long hours even after they get over-exposed to the ambiance inside.

Another aspect of customer experience is the body language of your employees. Since they are the ones who interact with the customers all day, they should also never have the issue of nose blindness. With new fragrances dispersed in regular intervals, the employees will be fresh and energetic throughout the day to deliver a memorable experience to the customers. Make sure that you have the right aroma diffusers at the right places in your business environment.

Benefits of Trying Out New Fragrances

As we have seen, the freshness of fragrances has great importance in improving the ambiance and maintaining our moods. Apart from the marketing point of view, trying out new fragrances can make a lot of difference in our life.

Scents have a significant influence on our physical and mental states. We often feel calm and energetic when there is a soothing scent around us. But having that scent around for a long time will make no difference.

Suppose you are spending a weekend fully at your home. With the same fragrance all over your home throughout, at the end of the day, you will surely feel that the weekend was for nothing good. This is because, after those long hours of continuous exposure, the scent will no more excite you in doing anything. This is one of the reasons why scent experts do not suggest having a single scent all over your home. Each room should have a different ambient scent that can provide a soothing effect. This will make your weekends worthy as you can enjoy your time all over your house.

Apart from this, using a single scent for a long time may also diminish the fresh feel of your home. People who regularly come to your home may appreciate your scent for the first few times. But after that, for them, it will just become a scent that is associated with your home- nothing more, nothing less. So, you need to surprise them with a different fragrance the next time!

Above all, if you are a scent lover, never stop experimenting with them. Scents are never specifically good or bad. It’s all about your perception, taste, and satisfaction. Thus, always try out new fragrances to explore the vastness of scenting.