Which Are The Different Types of Fragrance Diffusers?


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Scent diffusers and ambient scenting have been very common ever since human beings realized the power of scents. A wide variety of scent diffusers are available in the market that can be used both in residential and commercial atmospheres according to the factors like area, ventilation, temperatures, etc. They use the purest forms of essential oils extracted from nature to ensure uniform scenting across all interiors.

Same as choosing the right scent for a space, choosing the right scent diffuser is also very important to have the best scenting effect. The model you choose, its nature of functioning, its maximum reach, features, etc should be well analyzed and compared before purchasing.

Here, we will have a look at the most common types of scent diffusers and their specialties.

Reed Diffusers

In reed diffusers, wooden sticks or reeds are placed in a bottle or vessel that contains a certain quantity of aromatic liquid. The reeds are placed in a way that one end is fully immersed in the liquid while the other end is exposed outside the container. The fragrance oil liquid will scent the reed from the bottom, and the scent will be diffused into the air when it reaches the top end. Since no electricity or heat is used, reed diffusers scent your place all day without any extra expense. Reed diffusers also last up to 12 weeks under normal temperature and humid conditions. Reed diffusers require very little maintenance. In fact, all you need to do is clean the container and refill it with new fragrance oils and reeds when every three months or so. Since they do not leave any residue while skating, reed diffusers are the best to choose if you want a clean apartment without having to control or maintain the diffuser regularly.

Candle Diffusers

These diffusers use candles to burn and diffuse the essential oils around. Scented candles are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, enhanced with different essential oil varieties. The candles heat the basic which contains scented oils, and the oils are evaporated into the air around. Candle diffusers are also perfect as a decorative material for your home interior. But they often leave smoke, residues, and lead to dark patches on the walls due to the smoke. Scented candles are also used to scent interiors without any oil basic or vessel. But candle diffusers scent only a specific area around them, without providing uniform scenting all over an interior.

Electric Heat Diffusers

Here, the diffuser device is electrically heated to warm the oil and spread its scents around. Fragrance oils are placed in a basin of the diffuser that looks like a teacup saucer. The scent will last as long as the oils last, and you will have to refill it once the oil fully evaporates. Electric heat diffusers are available in a wide range of sizes to scent both large and small areas. You will have to clean the basin each time before refilling.


Nebulizers are the most common electric essential oil diffusers that provide uniform scenting in any interior. Scent diffusers break down the essential oil into small vapor molecules that blend with the atmospheric air to be spread all over the room uniformly. The speed and reach of scenting are determined by a pump in the diffuser. Even though they are the most commonly used diffuser type, they are a little more complicated to clean when compared to the others. They should also be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging in the bottle and pump in order to improve the efficiency of the diffuser. Nebulizer diffusers can also be connected with the HVAC systems in your house or office so that the fragrances are spread while heating or cooling an interior. HVAC diffusers are also becoming very popular as they are easy to clean and maintain when compared to standalone nebulizers.

Water Diffusers

Water diffusers are also a commonly used type that most people are familiar with. Otherwise called ultrasonic diffusers, these diffusers contain a basic that is filled with water and essential oil. The fragrance liquid is diffused into the air with the help of Ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic waves ensure the even dispersal of fragrances in a given space according to the size of the diffuser. Water diffusers also act as humidifiers as they produce a mist while scenting. While smaller diffusers have shorter runtimes, larger diffusers are more long-lasting, cost-effective, and efficient in scenting larger spaces. Water diffusers can be scheduled to operate at fixed time intervals of the day. They also automatically shut off once the essential oil is completely used up. The basin should be kept clean to ensure that the diffuser is functioning properly. They should also be cleaned once the oil is used out before you try out a different essential oil. You should also choose the right diffuser according to the area of the interior.

Fan-Style Diffusers

Here, the scented oils are placed in a diffuser unit inside a fan, either in a tray or an absorbent pad. When the fan gently blows, the essential oil scents will be dispersed throughout the room. Fan-style diffusers are available in various sizes to be used for small rooms or large spaces. The longevity of the scents dispersed is dependent upon the size of the absorbent pad or tray and the amount of oil used in them. Small absorbent pads or trays have a shorter life when compared to the larger ones. You will have an idea about the life of the oils on the pad or tray eventually while you use the diffuser for a long time. The oil tray should be cleaned each time before refilling it. You should also clean the pads before refilling if you are using reusable pads. You may contact reliable suppliers of scent diffusers in Dubai to get the best quality re-usable diffuser pads.

Terracotta Diffusers

Terracotta diffusers are decorated clay pots or bottles that store the oils inside. They are usually closed with a cork and the scent is dispersed into the air when the fragrance oils permeate the clay surface. Even though the process is natural, the diffused scents are very strong in the beginning and eventually fade with time. Thus, terracotta diffusers do not produce enduring scents or facilitate uniform scenting. Different clay pots are recommended for different fragrance oils as cleaning the pot surface is a very difficult task. But you can also clean it after having a clear idea about the procedure. The pot should first be scrubbed with a dish soap using a soft brush. You may scrub the pot again by adding some vinegar. Then, you should rinse it under running water for some time and then soak it in clean water overnight. Further, you should keep the pot dry for some days. Once the pot is fully dried, you can use another essential oil for scent. But this is not recommended as the cleaning process itself restricts scenting for a few days.

As we have seen, there is a wide range of diffusers that can be used for residential and commercial scenting according to your requirements. Be sure to choose the right form of scenting to enjoy it in the best way.