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Ever since the banning of cigarette smoking in nightclubs, it has been difficult to reduce false odors like stale beer, body smell, and restroom odors. With cigarette smoke nowhere near to mask them, the use of suited scenting machines has helped a lot to deal with these malodors.

But the use of ambient scenting machines in nightclubs is for a different cause, compared to the other businesses. Here, increasing purchases by attracting customers is not the motto. Adding up to the ambiance created by the lights and sounds, the right use of scent diffusers that sync to the visual ambiance delivers a more exciting and intriguing sensual experience.

Scents have the power to trigger extreme emotions and evoke memories in our minds. Almost 35 percent of what we remember short-term about a specific environment is scent-based. Ambient scenting delivers an emotional feeling to a location, which will be remembered positively thereafter.

How NightClubs and Bars benefit from Scenting

Ambient scenting can help you to differentiate your nightclubs from their competitors and increase the daily participation of the audience. ‘Aroma jockeying’ is a concept developed based on the fact that scent is an important factor for a good nightclub experience. When your customers enter the nightclub, no light and sound effects can help you if it feels messy and smelly inside. Thus, having a good bar scent which goes right with the light and sound effects can generate a strong first impression among them.

Here at Coral aroma, we have the best set of fragrance systems to do this job. With extensive research conducted based on scent, we have designed a number of aroma combinations that can be related to excitement, sensuality, intimacy, and chill out. A nightclub is where people never think of leaving. All they need is a peaceful atmosphere to spend the full night, and when the perfect ambiance is delivered, your nightclub will be your first choice.

The same is the case with bars. Customers are more attracted towards bars which provide them the best ambiance to spend an evening. Whether it be after a long working day or a peaceful weekend, bars are always a choice for many of them. Apart from the soothing songs, and the mild lighting, bars need the assistance of proper scenting to complete the ambiance. Restroom odors, smoke from cigarettes, and even the unpleasant smell of some beverages can be eliminated with those smooth-smelling aroma flavors.

But in both these cases, the scent you choose is really important. Scents are destined to turn on the ambiance and not to kill it. Thus, the use of certain scents that do not go with bars or nightclubs can produce a negative impact altogether. To trust this decision, you always need an expert opinion. The Coral aroma diffusers feature a variety of diffusers and fragrance oils that have been proven to be efficient in bars, casinos, nightclubs, and many such ambient spaces. Our wide range of aroma diffusers goes with interiors of any size.

With nightlife becoming more and more exciting nowadays, nightclubs and bars should take special care to entertain their customers beyond limits. Deliver the perfect ambiance so that your competitors just vanish from everyone’s lists.