Different Types Of Scent Marketing


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Ever since we realized the power of pleasant scents, interior scenting has been widely used as a marketing technique. Scent marketing is the process of using unique fragrances to spread a pleasing aroma for a product or an area of a commercial establishment. This will enhance the value, identity, and personality of the brand and provide the customers with a pleasing environment to shop from.

Scent marketing is best effective when the right scents are used for the right brands. According to the purpose, image, and identity of a brand, the type of scent marketing to be implemented will differ. There is a wide range of aromatic essential oils available in the market that produce a variety of fragrances extracted from nature.

With more advanced marketing strategies ruling both the online and offline market, there is a need to implement scent marketing in order to stand out in the market. In this article, we will have a look at the different types of scent marketing and how they help in the different aspects that determine the success of a business.

Aroma Billboard Marketing

This type of scent marketing works on the fact that a specific smell is recognizable to the olfactory system as a billboard is to the optical system. Further, people recall the scent associated with a brand or a commercial environment faster than the visual or auditory aspects. These scents also produce an enduring association with the brand, so that whenever a similar scent is felt, people will remember the brand. Just like brand-specific billboards, businesses should use the same scent in all their locations so that the customers identify them as a larger brand. Bakeries and coffee shops attract customers with the delicious smell of the food items they prepare live. You should contact a reliable scent marketing company in Dubai to choose the perfect aroma billboards for your brand. Aroma billboard marketing is the perfect strategy for large brands that have the required budget to develop brand-specific fragrances and test the results on large scale.

Signature Scent Marketing

This type of marketing focuses on developing a signature scent that is unique to a brand. This is one of the most expensive and specially designed scent marketing strategies. Signature scent marketing is mostly used by brands that sell scented products as the signature scent will further enhance the value of their products. Even though similar fragrances may exist, a signature scent is something that is solely related to a particular brand. Signature scents are normally created by experimenting with a combination of scent notes. The signature scent enhances and defines the value and identity of a brand if and only if the fragrance used perfectly suits the business environment. Even though the whole process is very time-consuming, signature scent marketing can do a lot to a brand when implemented in the right way.

Thematic Scent Marketing

Rather than being a different type, thematic scent marketing is actually a basic characteristic of all types of scent marketing. This relates to the fact that the fragrances used in marketing should be closely related to the theme, purpose, and personality of a business. Even though the process sounds complex, thematic scenting is actually very simple to decide. For example, the fragrance of hot popcorn is the best thematic scent that can be used in a movie theatre. This simple process can be made even more efficient by using the most related and entertaining scents around the relevant areas and products. Just think of the feeling while you enjoy the lovely smell of baby powder in a store section that displays baby clothes! Unlike signature scenting, thematic scenting does not require a unique fragrance for a brand. But the fragrance used should perfectly blend with the theme and focus of your brand or business. For example, floral notes like lavender blend perfectly with the atmosphere in a spa as the idea is to provide a very calm and relaxed environment to the customers.

Ambient Scent Marketing

Ambient scents are generally used to eliminate false odors and provide a positive and engaging ambiance in an area. Such scents improve the overall moods and emotions of people in a business environment. Studies suggest that ambient scents can greatly influence customer behavior and purchase decisions in any establishment. Pleasant scents that are relevant can be diffused in a commercial area in a soothing manner so that customers enjoy walking around and finding their interesting products or services. Such scents also urge customers to return to the place the next time they have a similar purpose. The greatest advantage of ambient scenting is that any business can use it to improve the atmosphere inside. Ambient scenting might not be even noticeable to some people but will have a great effect in influencing their moods and perceptions. The right ambient fragrance should be used in a subtle way. Overpowered scents can kill the positive ambiance and also urge the customers to leave the store. Scent diffusers are the best choice for ambient scenting in interiors as the level of fragrance can be controlled to have a calm and gentle atmosphere.

As we have discussed, these four types of scent marketing have their own unique purposes and goals that can improve the various aspects related to a business. Rather than deciding yourself, you may connect with scent experts to know in detail about the power of scent marketing, and also seek their assistance in coming up with a unique scent marketing strategy for your business.