The Importance of Signature Scents for Brands


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As a business owner, have you ever compared the number of brands in your industry ten years before and the number now? Well, you will see that more and more brands are getting introduced to the market day by day, which are significant enough to reduce your share of sales.

With the market getting highly competitive, your brand needs to have certain signature elements apart from the quality and reputation you have. When it comes to brand-specific features that can boost brand awareness, signature scenting is your best choice.

Ever since we realized the power of our noses, scents have been a major part of our daily life. Signature scents are scents that are so much related to a particular individual or product that they eventually become the identity of the product.

It is said that scents trigger 60 percent of all our emotions in a day. Similarly, the scent is something that a customer notices directly or indirectly while feeling your product for the first time. In order to have a unique appeal to your products, you should definitely have a signature scent for your brand.

How Signature Scents Help Brands

The idea behind a signature is very similar to that of a brand logo or name. While seeing a product, people normally identify it by looking at the logo or brand name. If the logo seems familiar, it is because that logo has become a part of the brand’s identity.

Here, we will have a look at how signature scents determine the success of a brand.

Brand Identity

Every brand needs an identity in the market for it to be identified and chosen by potential customers. When a signature scent is associated with your brand, it will eventually become a brand identity that your regular customers refer to. For example, you may have scented your store with soothing scents of lavender. If the scent is attractive enough, a customer will surely have a great shopping experience and a positive impression of your store. The next time they feel the same scent from elsewhere, they will remember your store and the shopping experience there. So literally, a single shopping experience will have a long effect on their mind due to the identity of scent. This identity is what makes them choose your brand whenever they are in need of related products or services.

Brand identity is very important if you want to differentiate your brand from its competitors. For example, if you are a manufacturer of luxury pens, you can add a small scenting feature to your pen or the ink used in it. Thus, even though your luxury pen looks similar to its competitors, the scent it delivers will be its identity, making it a whole lot more attractive.

Brand Awareness

Even if you have a brand identity, the awareness of your brand will be based on the peculiarities you possess. For example, if a product comes in a uniquely packaged box, happy customers will be referring the same to others by mentioning the design of the packaging. Here, the design is what boosts brand awareness. Similarly, your customers will be spreading positive word of mouth with reference to the scents related to your product or the ambiance your scented store delivered. As a result, along with your scenting qualities, your brand identity based on the scent will also be spread among your potential customers. You may know more about brand-specific scenting by connecting with reliable scent marketing companies in Dubai.

Enhances Customer Relationship

When customers regularly visit your business or use your products, the signature scents associated will become a thing of customer satisfaction. Whatever scent it be, if it is used for a long time your regular customers will have an emotional connection with your brand. This emotional connection will strengthen their relationship with your brand. If your spa or beauty parlor is scented with a signature fragrance, your regular customers will be so much addicted that they can’t even think of visiting another one. As a result, both your brand identity and awareness will also improve with time.

As we have seen, signature scenting provides your brand with a whole lot of long-term benefits that you can’t even imagine. So, connect with a scent expert and come up with the best signature scent to enhance your brand value.