Mistakes Your Should Be Aware About Scent Marketing


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Scent Marketing Perfume

Scent marketing has become one of the most celebrated marketing strategies across all kinds of businesses. With the wide variety of fragrances available in the scent market, no wonder scent marketing has firmed its grip as a technique of immense opportunities.

But is it really a modern strategy? The term scent marketing might be new but the process has been in existence since human beings realized the value of their sense of smell. Anyway, no strategy can be successful if not used in the perfect way. Scent marketing may seem a simple one, but it has its own uniqueness and we often make many mistakes while applying it. Let us have a look at some of the misconceptions and mistakes we make in scent marketing.

Any Fragrance Works

Many of us think of scent marketing as the use of random scents in an interior. Well, this is not the case. Experts have identified that certain scents can influence the ambience of specific businesses. Every business has a vision, meaning, and ambience to offer. So, the fragrance you choose must be relevant to your business and the meaning you convey.

Same Stores Doesn’t Mean the Same Machine

Scent Diffuser machines are available in various models in the market. You may come across a scented store with dimensions as same as yours. If the scent used is appealing enough, you might be thinking of using the same in your store. But this is not always the best choice. The ambient feeling generated by a scent is dependent upon many factors like the surrounding atmosphere, climate, level of engagement, etc. A scent used in a store in a coastal area cannot bring the same effect in a similar store in the city. Thus, consider each and every aspect by never restricting yourselves to anything.

Not Having a Defined Strategy

Just like any other marketing technique, scent marketing too should have a well-defined strategy. To develop this strategy, there are some aspects to be considered like the nature of your business, the type of customers, the location of the store, its dimensions, etc. It’s true that random scents can fill your place with a good smell. But the purpose of scent marketing is to attract customers and boost your business. Thus, make sure that you plan your marketing techniques strategically.

Avoid Scent Marketers Who Prepare an Exclusive Contract

The contract is a critical aspect that can be bad if they are unfavourable to you. Some scent marketing vendors may come up with exclusive contracts that benefit them only. Such contracts guarantee your long time business with them regardless of how badly they treat you. Make sure that the contract is favourable to you and don’t hesitate to walk away otherwise.

Avoid Vendors Who Do Not Offer a Warranty or Return Policy

A successful scent marketing strategy can be developed only after continuous experiments with scents and diffusers. Suppose you use a diffuser and you want to replace it with another one of different specifications. This is where a warranty or return policy is important. Make sure that your scent marketing partner offers a minimum warranty and return policy so that you can be free to experiment morally according to the details in the contract.

As we have seen, scent marketing is really tricky and our mistakes and misconceptions can affect the overall result of the strategies we churn out. Thus, make sure that you go through enough thinking before taking up your strategy.