Oriental Leather Fragrance


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Oriental Leather Fragrance Oil 500ml

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Oriental Leather fragrance opens with a complex and alluring blend of top notes which are anchored by the deep, rich scent of leather and saffron, combined with the refreshing and herbaceous scent of thyme. As the fragrance settles onto the skin, the middle notes emerge, featuring a luxurious blend of jasmine, luxury leather, and black suede, which are enhanced by a subtle hint of raspberry. Finally, the fragrance settles into a warm and sensual base, featuring the deep and rich scents of leather, amberwood, and musk, which combine to create a long-lasting and memorable finish.

Top Notes Thyme Floral, Leather, and Saffron
Middle Notes  Jasmine, Luxury Leather, Black Suede, and Raspberry
Base Notes  Leather, Amberwood, and Musk
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