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Coral Aroma


The power of aroma in developing and driving out human emotions have been equivocally proved with years of scent research. Coral Aroma moves forward with this idea, to assist our clients with the vast possibilities to flourish their business through scent marketing.

Aroma Diffuser oils


We at Coral aroma come up with a variety of unique and rare aroma oils, derived as a result of the extensive research adding to the impeccable expertise of our perfume specialists. Be it for diffusers or for other applications, our aroma oil is enriched with the rarest of scent components which possess a soothing fragrance along with various health benefits. We always work in close association with our clients, which helps us to come up with more exciting and innovative scents that the aroma oil market finds very unique and interesting.


The Coral Aroma essential oils are derived from the unique plants and plant parts that are rich in the components which characterise the most sublime scents abundant in nature. We have an expert team always immersed in thorough research on the unidentified scent sources in nature, and the combinations with which they can be made more attractive. Our best quality production process in Dubai, UAE is carried out by highly creative ideas, accurate development and perfect implementation of these developed results. The coral aroma essential oil diffuser has those unique components that have been proven to be physically, biologically and psychologically beneficial to the human body.

Essential Oils


Innovation and uniqueness have always been the success mantra for Coral aroma. We always come up with the ideas of products that have not been very familiar to the Dubai scent market. The coral aroma scented candles, with their mind blowing fragrances, provide an entirely different ambiance to your sweet home. These candles come in a variety of scent flavors, which are ready to diffuse into the air, making the air around you fresh and soothing. Adding to the beauty of candle lights, you experience the inspiring touch of a happy home with human emotions expressed in the most pure way.


The Coral aroma team always apply their creativity and design expertise in both aroma oil products and their medium of diffuse. There is no use in developing the most powerful fragrances unless you have the right idea on how to deliver it. Our aroma diffusers in Dubai come in a variety of shapes and sizes, featuring the most modern technology. Ranging from apartments to large malls and public places, the coral aroma has a wide variety of electric diffusers that can function effectively in any atmosphere. These diffusers enrich your business places with positivity, delivering equal benefits of sales and customer satisfaction.