Take Care of These Do’s and Don’t’s While Using Essential Oils


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Essential Oils Perfume

The power of scents has been evident with the wide use of essential oils in scenting, scent marketing, aromatherapy, and much more. Essential oils are extracted from plants and plant parts through steam distillation. The scents of nature are enhanced in these essential oils, which are used along with a carrier oil to be applied or inhaled to the body.

Essential oils can be really helpful if you use them in the right way. And if not, they can cause slight and severe problems to you physically and mentally. Here, we will have a look at the important things to care about while using essential oils.

Do Dilute Them

Essential oils are highly concentrated. They are too strong to be used directly. Thus, they should be diluted to a solution that contains only 1 to 5 percent of essential oil concentration. This can be done with the help of vegetable oils, creams, bath gels, etc. A higher percentage of essential oils can cause you a reaction. Thus, make sure that you mix them correctly.

Do Check Their Quality

Always purchase them from a trusted producer who does not add allergic ingredients to them. Certain premium essential oils need additional vegetable oils to dilute them. Thus, make sure that the ingredients used do not harm you in any way. You should research the leading suppliers of quality essential oils in Dubai.

Do Abandon Older Stocks

Expert recommend to not keep essential oils for more than three years. When exposed to oxygen, older essential oils are more likely to be spoiled and cause allergic reactions and skin irritations. If you sense any change in the way an oil looks, smells, or feels on the skin, you should stop using it as it might have been spoiled with time.

Do Consult Your Doctor

It is best to consult your doctor before using essential oil. Make sure that using it will not affect any of your health conditions or the prescriptions you are taking. For example, eucalyptus essential oils have been studied to affect the absorption of cancer drugs from your skin. Consulting your doctor will provide you an added trust to start using the essential oil.

Do Use Them To Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Essential oils such as lavender, rosewater, and chamomile calm your mind and eliminate stress and other anxiety disorders. You can either breathe them or apply them to your skin. Anyway, steam inhalation is considered the best technique to use aroma oils.

Don’t Apply Them Everywhere

Diluted Essential Oils are to be applied in your arms and legs and not on sensitive areas like eyes, ears, mouth, nose, etc as some essential oils are highly dangerous when consumed into the body directly.

Don’t Apply Edible Oils On Your Skin

Edible oils are not safe to be applied on your skin. Cumin oil which is used in food can cause blisters when applied to your skin. Citrus oils are not safe to be applied on your skin, especially when you are exposed to direct sunlight.

Don’t Use Them on Damaged Skin

Damaged skin may absorb more oil and cause irritation and rashes to your skin. Undiluted oils can be extremely dangerous when applied to damaged skin.

Don’t Store Them Carelessly

Essential oils can get damaged if they are exposed to oxygen for a long time. Thus, make sure you store them in tight containers. If you have children in your home, store them locked in a cupboard or keep them in an elevated area

Don’t Over-Apply Them

Even diluted essential oils may cause a harmful reaction to the skin when applied too much or too often. Whether you are allergic or non-allergic to them, overuse can lead to severe skin problems.

Essential oils can improve your mental and physical health in a number of ways. Thus, make sure that you choose the one that suits you and use it properly.