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Mankind has always been inclined to inducing fragrances and they love to have pleasing smell everywhere they go.  Smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the limbic system in brain, which is responsible to control mood, behavior, memory and emotions. This also means some smells can trigger anxiety and fear. The smell of chlorophenols and Iodoform in hospitals and health clinics is a typical example of such panic triggering scents. The scents of such powerful defectors trigger a patient-like feeling even if you are alright.

In a recent study on patients with dental phobia, it was found that the sense of fear in the patients had drastically reduced when the smell of disinfectors was neutralized and feel-good aroma was introduced in the clinic.  Many such studies have been carried that proves that the smell of disinfectors have spiked the level of anxiety in the patients who already dread treatment. Such smell reminds them about the painful treatments, challenging diagnosis and disabling illness. It’s obvious that the increased level of anxiety in the patients can worsen their health condition and slow down the recovery process.

Not just patients, even the doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs hate the smell of disinfectors, blood, insulin etc. Coral aroma has been extensively working to develop scents that can change the so called “hospital smell”. Understanding the challenges and requirement of the hospital industry, the brand has launched several scents that can effectively neutralize the smell of the hospital and trigger a feel good aroma.

Many reputed hospitals have started using such scents to keep away the smell of hospital which is synonymous to fear of pain and suffering. If the smell is good, the mood is pleasant and when the mood is pleasant, health is better. Such a transmission does not just influence the patients in a positive way but it also increases the level of alertness in the work force and keep them calm even in the stressful situation.  In other words, good aroma in the medical centers can complement the treatments offered, helping the patients recover fast and increase the hospital’s reputation.