The Role Of Ambient Scenting in the Healthcare Industry


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Most people are reluctant to go to hospitals due to the poor ambiance delivered by the smells associated with it. The smell of floor cleaners, medicines, and other chemical solutions make waiting for a consultation difficult. With this being the case, hospitals must take special care to provide a healthy and relaxed experience to the patients.

The use of ambient scenting in hospitals can solve this problem up to a great limit. Apart from delivering soothing and engaging fragrances, scents have the ability to improve the positivity and relaxed mindset of the people. Let us have a look at the reasons why ambient scents are to be used in hospitals.

Getting Rid of The Hospital Smell

The basic reason for using ambient scents in a hospital is to get rid of the hospital smell. Even the word ‘hospital smell’ has a negative feeling due to the way hospitals are from time immemorial. Ambient scents can eliminate all these false odors and deliver a better first impression about a hospital.

Cleanliness Is Important For Healthcare Facilities

The Covid 19 pandemic has already made people think twice before going to a hospital. This is basically due to the fact that hospitals are more prone to cross-contamination. The use of ambient scents can attract the patients and make them feel that they are in a clean and well-maintained atmosphere. A huge majority of the people consider pleasantly smelling places as clean places. Thus, the ambient scents used in hospitals will enhance cleanliness and safety.

Visitors Should Have a Relaxed Feeling

Stress, tensions, and fear are the most common emotions that a hospital witnesses. While getting ready to undergo a medical procedure or waiting for a result, the disgusting smell of gloves, sheets, or chemicals is the last thing someone wants. Spreading a soothing fragrance throughout the waiting rooms and other areas can provide a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to the patients and also the medical staff. Research has shown that lavender scents can relax and excite infants and make them cry less. Another study has suggested that pleasant scents lowered anxiety in MRI patients by 63 percent.

Happiness Impacts Healing

You must have heard doctors and other influential professionals saying that a smile is the best medicine for anything. It has been proved that pleasant scents can make the patients feel that they are in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Even the minute happiness that the scents deliver can make the patients calm and improve the healing process. Here, apart from the physical benefits, ambient scents deliver mental support to the patients. You may connect with reliable suppliers of aroma diffusers in Dubai to know more about healing scents.

Inspiring Cleanliness

Have you ever noticed that whenever you spend some time in a clean place, you try to keep yourself clean too? Well, it is a basic thing about human psychology – we behave according to the nature of the surroundings we are exposed to. When the hospital is scented with soothing fragrances, the clean atmosphere will urge the visitors to stay clean by washing their hands regularly. Ambient citrus fragrances have been proven to improve hand cleaning among people by 30 percent.

As we have discussed, the use of ambient scents can benefit a hospital atmosphere in several ways. Be sure to apply the medical benefits of these scents wherever possible.