All You Need To Know About Reed Diffusers


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Have you ever felt so stressed or frustrated being in your home that you don’t find satisfaction in spending time inside? Even though there are many mental and physical factors behind this, the basic problem is the appeal that your home has. Your home needs to deliver a happy and welcoming ambiance whenever you return from a tiring day at work. For this, ambient scenting with reed diffusers is one of the best options.

Reed diffusers ensure a constant fragrance inside your home. They are considered an effective alternative to other forms of scenting like scented candles, terracotta materials, electric diffusers, etc. This is basically because of the subtle aromatic experience that the reed diffusers provide.

What are Reed Diffusers and How Do They Work?

Reed diffusers consist of three major components – a glass jar, a set of around 7 wooden reeds or sticks, and essential oil or a fragrance liquid. The scented liquid is poured into a jar, bottle, or bowl, and the reeds are soaked into the liquid in such a way that their upper end is exposed to the air.

The reed sticks are made of lightweight wood. They absorb the essential oils from the fragrance liquid and the fragrance will travel to the top end of the reed. Then, the fragrance is dispersed into the air through the top end. The reeds will be pointed in different directions so that the fragrance will be directed towards all areas.

Benefits Of Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers have become very popular due to the added advantages they possess when compared to other scenting strategies. Let us have a look at those advantages


Reed diffusers have a very slow and steady diffusion rate when compared to other forms like candles. A 250ml diffuser can be used for up to 12 weeks if the temperature and humidity factors are normal.

Provides Gentle Scents

Due to the slower diffusion rate, reed diffusers provide gentle and subtle home fragrances rather than filling an interior with fragrances. They are the best for small interiors and other places where ambient scenting should not go out of control.

Simple To Use and Maintain

Compared to the other scenting techniques, reed diffusers are very easy to use and maintain. They do not need a flame or power source to work. They can scent your home by just appearing like a decorative material placed on the table or the floor. As reed diffusers do not undergo any kind of reaction, they do not leave any kinds of residues around them. When compared to the wax and burn marks created by scented candles, reed diffusers keep your home neat and clean.

Inexpensive and Abundant

Reed diffusers are inexpensive when compared to scented candles and high-end electric diffusers. They can also be easily set up anywhere in your home. They are also available in a wide variety of fragrances like the abundant essential oils that can be extracted from nature.

How To Use It Perfectly

Reed diffusers are the best effect when placed near a window or a vent, where there is good airflow. The airflow will ensure that the diffused fragrances will have an equal effect in every area of the room. But keeping it very close to windows may lead to the faster evaporation of the fragrance liquid. The reliable suppliers of reed diffusers in Dubai always recommend keeping it at a safe distance from areas exposed to sunlight.

Some reed diffusers are packaged with oil already in the vessel. In such cases, you can simply remove the cap and insert the reeds. But if the essential oil is packaged in a separate bottle, you should add a few drops of the oil into the base liquid in the vessel and place the remaining oil tightly packed in a cool or dark area. After many days, if you feel that the fragrance is reduced, you may flip the reeds so that now the dry end is dipped in the liquid. This will diffuse more liquid and ultimately improve the fragrance.

Reed diffusers are the best if you want a scenting option that is very easy to set up and maintain, without having to look at it even once a day. But you should be well aware of the fragrances you choose according to your scenting atmosphere.