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Of all the effective realms of marketing, scent marketing has become a unique aspect to drive immediate and long-term results in a business. Irrespective of the type of industry, various brands have executed innovative scent marketing strategies to shoot up their sales and increase brand awareness.

Scents have been proven to influence human beings in a number of ways. Studies suggest that a positively fragranced environment can increase our mood by 40 per cent. Almost 70 per cent of human emotions are influenced by scents that have a soothing effect. Thus, from a marketing point of view, scents can do a lot to your brand growth, if used in the right way.

Types of Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing is simply the use of scents to market brands, products, and services. This may seem simple by definition, but this needs the relevant expertise of choosing and delivering the right scents to facilitate the process. With the increased acceptance it has gained with time, there are various scent marketing strategies that have been proven to deliver amazing results.

The Aroma as a Billboard

Billboards have always been an important component of the marketing and advertising industry. Here, your customers identify a positive scent when they enter your business enterprise, just like they catch the sight of a billboard. They will relate this scent to your brand, which develops a new brand identity. Just like billboards placed all over the city, this scent that spreads throughout the interiors will become the invisible trigger for customer engagement and purchases.

Ambient Scent Marketing

The use of scents in ambient scent marketing is not based on the idea of developing a brand identity or awareness. The goal here is to provide a smooth and peaceful ambience for your customers by eliminating negative odours. Bars, nightclubs, theatres, restaurants etc are the ones that use ambient scent marketing, in order to provide the right ambience for their visitors. The same concept is used in restrooms in order to eliminate malodours and also provide a clean and soothing smell.

Thematic Scents

Thematic Scent marketing is done to promote client engagement in a relatively less specific way compared to the aroma billboards. Here, attractive fragrances are delivered to improve the mood of the customers and make it easy for them to enjoy the services. Thematic scents delivering floral and minty fragrances are mostly used in spas and massage centres, in order to ensure a peaceful ambience for both the customers and the masseuses. This way, everyone is in a relaxed state to deliver or receive services.

Signature Scent Marketing

This is a more developed version of the aroma billboard. Here, signature scents are used to promote a specific company or brand. Unique fragrances are delivered so that they get associated with the brand identity. Signature scent marketing is mostly used by companies that have high brand standards, and for brands that provide the most unique service to their customers. This strategy is the most recommended to brands that face a great deal of competition in the market.

Scent marketing is undoubtedly the key to increased brand awareness and sales. Thus, be sure to implement the best of strategies so that you deliver your customers another solid reason to choose your brand.