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As much as we are all aware, smell is the most powerful of all the senses that doesn’t require a thalamic relay. Human brain is finely tuned to the sense of smell and will be interpreted like the notes of a song. Apart from other senses, for smell, there comes the emotions first and then the information. Therefore, if we invest the benefits of this influential sense flawlessly, you will be astounded with the out-turns. The subtle yet significant role of scent in businesses can create distinct experiences and an enduring feeling of sophistication and quality. Studies have shown that introduction of scent to the brand can have a tremendous impact on your guest’s behavior.

Incorporating right scent into your brand will establish a powerful brand connection with your customers making them come back to your business again. The concept of aroma diffusers can be implemented to your business for a powerful yet subliminal method of advertising for the brand. Scents, being a successful method to achieve a truly holistic guest experience, is therefore can be used as a powerful marketing tool. Olfactory studies proved that addition of aromatic systems in your business will help to establish a multisensory relationship with the customers making them to stay longer in the premises. Scenting systems are a powerful opportunity to strengthen the brand identity, especially in hospitality sector. As hospitality sector becomes more competitive than before, it is important for the hotels to implement new standards of marketing. Multisensory marketing is an effective trend for the brands to tap into deeper of the senses. Hotels are now implementing the trend of “Scent Marketing” to entice their guests. Capitalizing the smell’s capability to evoke memories and deepen emotions, addition of scent to the brand will help hoteliers to further guest’s experience, strengthen brand value and generate everlasting relationships. The moment the guest walk-in through the doors of your hotel, an exceptional olfactory experience will trigger the olfactory senses, making that moment an amazing branding opportunity.

No matter how luxurious your settings and exceptional your services, an unpleasant smell in your hotel can ruin your guest’s experience making them not to return to your brand again. Hence, sorting out the right scent is a tedious task as the wrong smells can consequently kill your billion dollar business.

Worried?  Cheer Up! Coral Aroma is here to help you out with the right scenting solutions that will results in positive reviews. And yet, our expert aromachology team not only help you to pick what you like but also take it to profound levels. Our unique and expertly crafted collection of fragrances will definitely a treat for everyone’s noses. Specialized in craving signature scents, Coral Aroma will help out to create a “welcome home” effect in your hotel. Your guests will interact with the smell during their stay and whenever they sniff the same smell again, it will retrieve the cheerful moments of their prior stay. Fragrances are incredibly powerful to bring your customers back.

Specialized in supplying quality scent diffusers, Coral Aroma will definitely make your hotel a happier place. Blending our experience, knowledge and passion we can deliver rich evocative fragrances that increase your brand reputation. At Coral Aroma, we are passionate to deliver the scents that are distinctive, second to none and of exceptional quality. No doubt, our collection of fragrances will definitely meet your brand’s objectives and goals. The safest and cleanest cold air diffusion technology will ensure strong yet efficient scenting solutions. Wide range of diffusers from wall mounting and free standing to large HVAC diffusers will be the perfect fit for your premises.

Contact Coral Aroma for unique and outstanding scents that will create never-ending memories. And remember, it’s on your budget too!