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Ever since we human beings realized the power of our ability to smell, scents have been an important part of our life. And the reason for the scent industry has been the introduction of a wide variety of essential oils in the market.

Essential oils are special substances that are extracted from plants and plant parts. Most essential oils are extracted through the process of steam distillation. It requires a huge amount of plant parts to extract a single drop of essential oil.

Essential oils have many medicinal qualities that can improve our mental, physical, and emotional health. Apart from providing a pleasant fragrance, essential oils can improve our moods and ambiance in an atmosphere.

Diffusion is the process by which the volatile essential oils molecules are given into the atmosphere. The diffused essential oils take care of the air around you, and the air takes care of you in the best way.

Here are some of the best effective methods to diffuse essential oils.

Electric Diffusion

Electric diffusion is carried out by diffuser machines that function with electricity. These diffusers convert the diffuser oils into a vapor that can be uniformly spread in the desired atmosphere. A fiber pad or wick saturated with the oil is incorporated with these diffusers so that the surface area of their evaporation is increased. Ranging from pocket-sized, battery-powered models used in cars to huge ones that are wall-mounted for better reach, diffusers can be of various types and sizes. Electric diffusers are the most popular and safest modes of essential oil diffusion as they do not release any kind of harmful substances. Essential oil diffusion systems are also integrated with air conditioning systems for better convenience and efficiency.

Candle Diffusion

In candle lamp diffusion, a small tea light candle is placid under a bowl in which a mixture of water and essential oil simmers. The water protects the essential oil from the direct heat of the flame and also endures the diffusion time. Along with the ambiance of candlelight, the soothing smell of essential oils will provide a lovely atmosphere. There are also scented candles available in the market that has essential oils which spread to the atmosphere while burning.

Ultrasonic Diffusion

Here, ultrasonic diffusers create a finer mist consisting of microscopic water and essential oil droplets with the help of sonic waves. The ultrasonic vibration through a small disc below the surface disturbs the bend of water and essential oils. Now, the essential oils break down into fine molecules containing water and are diffused into the air. You may connect with reliable suppliers of aroma oils in Dubai to have a detailed idea about ultrasonic diffusion.

Terra Cotta Diffusion

In terra cotta diffusion, small products made of terracotta clay are used for essential oil diffusion. The porous nature of the clay allows them to absorb the essential oils and spread their fragrance across any interior. It is one of the most gentle ways of oil diffusion as it does not involve heating. Terra cotta products enable a slow and subtle diffusion of scents in well-packed interiors. It is recommended to keep or hang these products in warm places or subject them to an air current for maximum efficiency in scenting.


Nebulizing diffusers do not require water or heat to allow the diffusion of essential oils. It consists of a motor in the base with it connected to the top by a glass bottle or cylinder. It functions by using pressurized oil and air. The vacuum created by the flow of air inside the tube forces the tiny molecules of essential oils to be blown out into the air. Nebulizers are difficult to maintain and the glass is also expensive to be replaced once it is broken.

Sprays and Room Fresheners

Mists and sprays contain a simple mixture of water and essential oils that can be diffused into the air by a simple press. This is the easiest and the most synthetic-free way to produce an immediate aroma across an interior. The containers or bottles should be shaken well before spraying so that the essential oils uniformly mix with the water inside.

Diffusion Crafts

Different types of craft materials can also be used to diffuse essential oils in a provided space. This includes wax or cloth sachets, reed diffusion, potpourri, diffusion salt crystals, and much more. Apart from the fragrance they deliver, such crafty products also enhance the appearance of your interiors.

As we have seen, there are many types and ways in which essential oils can be diffused into the air. You should choose the one that best fits your atmosphere in order to have effective results.