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The sense of smelling is very closely connected to memories, emotions and mood.  Be it choosing a perfume for your personal use or a fragrance for your office room, you have to be very selective. Smell is emotive; it can make or spoil the mood. If you are buying the fragrance for your house, you have an option to check with your family members and pick a scent that most of them like. However, the task is little complicated when it comes to selecting fragrances for your office. It’s the place where your employees spend 50% of their time and good scents can elevate their mood and increase the productivity. However, there may be staffs allergic to hard scents. So, it’s always best to go for light scents that can make everyone pleasant.

Apart from your employees, you will have clients walking into your offices. You need to take care of their preferences too. Most of the companies use one fragrance for general use and keep a special one reserved to use when an important client is visiting the office. Though, good aroma elevates the mood, too hard fragrances can spoil the mood and sometimes can trigger headache. So, tune your aroma dispenser based on the fragrances used. If the aroma is lighter, let the dispenser spray it at frequent intervals but if it’s harder, you need to maintain an optimum time interval between each sprays.

You can also choose fragrances based on the area where it’s used. For instance, if it’s used in a large area like a hall, light fragrances may go unnoticed. You need to go for hard aroma for such large areas. On the other side, if you use hard aroma in a small room, it may not be pleasant inside. Moreover, if you use the fragrance in a small room, it’s advised to let the fresh air flow in at least once in a week to maintain the freshness along with a pleasing fragrance. You could also use Odor controller in smelly areas like smoking zones, toilets, cafeteria etc to keep your ambience comfy.

Since the market is loaded with wide varieties of room fresheners and fragrances for offices, you always have a choice to make.  There are scents with antibacterial properties, which could be an added advantage. You can try different flavors every now and then to find the best one that suits your office.