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AED 150.00 AED 38,900.00
The Coral Turbo Slim is a freestanding aroma diffuser. It comes in black, rose g...

Coral Turbo Slim Diffuser Machine

Ecoscent Diffuser Machine

Ecoscent Scent Diffuser machines comes with a plastic body with inbuilt touch ...

Ecoscent Diffuser Machine

Scent box diffuser machine machines can be either wall mounted or free standing....

Scent Box 1000F Diffuser Machine

Scent box Diffuser Machines can be either wall mounted or free standing. Comes w...

Scent Box 500F Diffuser Machine

Why Coral Aroma Diffusers?

Coral aroma diffusers in Dubai, UAE have established their own standards in the seemingly crowded scent market. The Coral Aroma upholds the history of reputation and client satisfaction of the Coral Perfumes Industry, coming up with nothing less than the best quality products available in the market. The exclusively designed aroma diffuser machine features a variety of mind-blowing fragrances which are extracted from the purest of natural resources. These fragrances go uniquely with every atmosphere, ranging from small studios to large malls and shopping centres. We have a wide range of scent diffuser models equipped with the most modern technology to equally help with small and large areas of effect. The Coral Aroma diffuser collection lets you choose the right model that fits your desired place. Be sure to grab one from our best scent diffuser machine in Dubai!