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Uniquely refreshing scents produced by Coral Aroma have initiated scent lovers into an endless ocean of distinct natural fragrances. Within a short span of time, Coral Aroma with its unmistakably distinctive scents has enlivened the environment of innumerable places including homes, offices and corporate establishments. In addition to introducing remote-controlled fragrance system, Coral Aroma carries the distinction of using essential oils to produce home fragrances. Coral Aroma is the leading supplier of the most efficient scent diffusers in Dubai,UAE, blessing our clients with the magic of scents. Our IFRA certified Standalone Diffusers and HVAC Machines which produce powerful fragrances from essential oil are credited with scenting places as diverse as Lobby, Elevators, Spas, suites and luxurious hotels. The expertise that we possess have helped us to come up with the most moving aroma machines in the Dubai market. Extracted from the purest of natural resources, our essential oils have the power to resonate their soothing scents in any interior.

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